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  • • 2 most common causes: dilated (idiopathic) and ischemic


    • -Unknown etiology

      -Often multifactorial resulting in large, dilated heart with poor ventricular function



  • • 60% of patients with NYHA Class IV disease will die within 1 year

    • Medical therapy for cardiomyopathy carries dismal prognosis

Symptoms and Signs

  • • Heart failure symptoms

Laboratory Findings

  • ECG: Q waves, widened QRS, conduction defects

Imaging Findings

  • Chest film: Pulmonary congestion, enlarged heart

  • • Echocardiography

    • Catheterization

Rule Out

  • • Other causes of heart failure

  • • Physical exam

    • ECG

    • Echocardiography

  • Idiopathic

    • -Cardiac transplantation may have best long-term results

      -Mitral valve annuloplasty if enlarged annular size from LV enlargement

      -Batista procedure: ventricular reduction; limited use

      -Biventricular pacing: Restores normal depolarization to ventricles, increasing ejection fraction significantly


    • -Consider coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) if suitable target vessels and evidence of "hibernating" mycoardium



  • CABG: If suitable target vessels, hibernating myocardium on PET scan or stress thallium

    Idiopathic: Cardiac transplantation in suitable candidates


  • • Batista procedure: Limited survival, high mortality

    • Medical therapy carries dismal prognosis

    • See Cardiomyopathy, Ischemic.


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