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  • Elective inguinal hernia (c), open and laparoscopic repair (c)

  • Incarcerated inguinal and femoral hernias (c), McVay repair

  • Umbilical and epigastric hernias (c)

  • Umbilical hernia in cirrhotic patient

  • Ventral hernias (c), ventral hernia repair (c)

  • Rectus sheath hematoma (c)

  • Biliary colic (c), cholecystitis (c), cholecystectomy (c), surgical cholecystostomy (c)

  • Benign biliary obstruction (c), common bile duct exploration (c), choledochoenteric anastomosis (a)

  • Peptic ulcer disease (c), gastroduodenal perforation repair (c), vagotomy and drainage (c)

  • Appendicitis (c), appendectomy (c)

  • Appendiceal neoplasms

  • Small bowel obstruction (c), adhesiolysis (c)

  • Gallstone ileus

  • Adynamic ileus (c)

  • Small bowel neoplasms (c), small bowel resection (c)

  • Small bowel neuroendocrine tumor

  • Enteral feeding access (c), gastrostomy (c), jejunostomy (c)

  • Enterocutaneous fistulas (c)

  • Ileostomy creation and closure (c)

  • Adrenal incidentaloma (c), laparoscopic transabdominal adrenalectomy (a)

  • Hyperaldosteronism (c)

  • Hypercortisolism (c)

  • Pheochromocytoma (c)

  • Adrenal cortical carcinoma (a), open adrenalectomy (a)

  • Peritoneal dialysis catheter insertion (c)

  • Desmoid tumor (a)

  • Peritoneal neoplasms (a)

(c) = core topic (a) = advanced topic

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