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FIGURE 112-186

Power Doppler ultrasound evaluation in the immediate post-operative period showing good perfusion of a transplanted kidney procured from a donor after circulatory death (DCD). Organs from DCD donors have a greater incidence of delayed graft function than organs from brain dead donors.

FIGURE 112-187

A spectral Doppler ultrasound study 24 hours after implantation shows satisfactory waveforms with elevated velocities in the main renal artery.

FIGURE 112-188

A study 72 hours after implantation shows that the velocities have improved (decreased). Such findings are not unusual in the early post-operative days. We routinely monitor elevated velocities as long as the waveforms show a strong systolic upstroke, there is no evidence of diastolic reversal of arterial flow, and there are no clinical findings to suggest vascular compromise.

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