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FIGURE 112-87

Routine post-operative sonogram in a deceased donor kidney recipient revealed a 4mm stone (arrow). A ureteral stent (placed during transplant) was removed 3 weeks later.

FIGURE 112-88

3 days after removal of stent, creatinine increased from 2.0 mg/dL - 3.2 mg/dL Renal sonogram showed hydronephrosis with dilation of the transplant ureter to the level of a 3 mm calculus. Treated with a nephrostomy and ureteral stent.

FIGURE 112-89

Unfortunately, a second stone (yellow arrow) in the ureter was missed prior to removal of the stent (pink arrow) a month after it had been placed.

FIGURE 112-90

During workup for a repeat increase in creatinine levels, an ultrasound examination showed recurrent hydronephrosis.

FIGURE 112-91

With a 2-3 mm stone (arrow) proximal to the insertion of the ureter into the bladder.

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