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  • • Primary tumor types include:

    • -Renal




      -Head and neck tumors


  • • Secondary metastases to the thyroid account for 1-2% of all thyroid malignancies

Laboratory Findings

  • • Fine-needle aspiration biopsy demonstrates metastatic carcinoma

  • • Must evaluate for primary thyroid tumors

    • If tumor is proved metastatic, then must identify primary and other sites of metastatic disease to make a comprehensive plan

  • • Detection of mass

    • Cervical ultrasound

    • Needle biopsy



  • • Inconclusive biopsy

    • Occult primary tumor

    • Negative metastatic work-up, thus leaving the thyroid mass as the only site of recurrence of a distant primary tumor


  • • Poor


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Lin JD et al. Clinical and pathologic characteristics of secondary thyroid cancer. Thyroid. 1998;2:149.

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