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  • • Uncommon

    • Usually saccular located at primary or secondary bifurcation

    • 4 categories:

    • 1. True aneurysm

      2. Dissecting aneurysm

      3. Aneurysms associated with fibrodysplastic disease

      4. Arteritis-related microaneurysms

    • Renovascular hypertension can be due to:

    • -Associated arterial stenosis


      -AV fistula


      -Compression of adjacent arterial branches

    • Rupture is rare except during pregnancy, results in loss of kidney; death is rare

    • Emboli from aneurysm to distal vessels occur rarely


  • • < 0.1% of population

    • Associated with hypertension

    • Occurs slightly more often in women than in men

    • Rupture rate, 3%

Symptoms and Signs

  • • Most asymptomatic

    • Discovered incidentally or during work-up for hypertension

    • 30% of patients present with renovascular hypertension

    • Rupture (during pregnancy)

  • • Must consider arteritis

    • Evaluation of other sites of aneurysm formation (visceral and peripheral)

  • • Angiography or magnetic resonance imaging for definition

    • CT scan can be useful for follow-up

  • • Small renal aneurysms managed conservatively with CT scans, angiography every 2 years


  • • Repair when indicated: repair in situ, ligate and bypass

    • Nephrectomy if ruptured


  • • Women of childbearing age

    • Patients with associated renal artery disease

    • Large aneurysms (increased rate of rupture with larger aneurysms not proven)


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