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  • • Elevated serum phosphorus


  • • Renal insufficiency

    • Post-trauma

    • Marked tissue catabolism

    • Excess intake (rarely)

Symptoms and Signs

  • • Usually asymptomatic

Laboratory Findings

  • • Elevated serum phosphorus

    • Decreased serum calcium

  • • In perioperative or post-trauma setting, almost always associated with renal insufficiency, even when other factors also present

  • • Serum electrolytes

    • ABG measurements

  • • Diuresis

    • Phosphate binding antacids

    • Dialysis


  • • Diuretics

    • Phosphate binding antacids (aluminum hydroxide)

Treatment Monitoring

  • • Serum electrolytes


  • • Excellent


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Frazao JM. Adragao T. Treatment of hyperphosphatemia with sevelamer hydrochloride in dialysis patients: effects on vascular calcification, bone and a close look into the survival data. Kidney International - Supplement. 2008, (111):S38-43.

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