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  • • Serious congenital disorder, autosomal recessive disorder

    • Most common mutation is deletion of amino acid in position 508 (Phe)

    • Defect in chloride transport, results in more NaCl absorption in the airway

    • Defect occurs in apocrine sweat glands tracheobronchial tree, pancreas, GI tract

    • Airway secretions are low in volume and high in viscosity

    • Mucoid plugs form and are rubbery, semisolid, gray to greenish yellow in color resulting in impaction

    • Often history of recurrent upper respiratory tract infection, fever, and chest pain


  • • 1 in 25 whites heterozygous carrier

    • 1 in 2000 homozygous

    • Single most common mutation characterized

Symptoms and Signs

  • • Recurrent respiratory infection

    • Fever

    • Chest pain

    • Meconium ileus in newborn, meconium in terminal ileum causes obstruction

Laboratory Findings

  • • Positive sweat test (NaCl in sweat)

Rule Out

  • • Bronchogenic carcinoma

    • Bronchiectasis

    • Abscess

    • Bacterial pneumonia

    • Lipoid pneumonia

    • Pulmonary eosinophilic granuloma

    • Löffler syndrome

  • • Chloride sweat test

    • Pilocarpin iontophoresis (NaCl concentrations exceeding 60 mEq/L)


  • • Double lung transplant


  • • End stage pulmonary disease


  • • Bronchitis, bronchiectasis

    • Pulmonary fibrosis

    • Emphysema

    • Lung abscess

    Complication of transplant: Chronic bronchitis obliterans major obstacle and cause of eventual transplant failure


  • • 1-year survival, 85%

    • 5-year survival, 50%


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