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  • Lipomas

    • -Most common benign tumors

      -Small potential for malignancy


    Neurogenic tumors

    • -Arise from intercostal nerves

      -Solitary neurofibromas most common

    Cavernous hemangiomas

    • -Usually painful

      -Occur in children

      -If involves lung, consider Rendu-Osler-Weber syndrome


    • -Rare lesion seen in kids

      -Poorly defined borders

Symptoms and Signs

  • • Mostly asymptomatic

    • Cavernous hemangiomas can be painful

Imaging Findings

  • • US and CT may be helpful

Rule Out

  • • Neoplasm

  • • Physical exam

    • If tumor not solely subcutaneous, CT scan

    • Excisional biopsy for small, amenable lesions, otherwise incisional biopsy



  • • Growing tumors should be excised

    • If large (> 5 cm), consider incisional biopsy to rule out malignancy


Kim JY et al. Atypical benign lipomatous tumors in the soft tissue. J Comp Assist Tomog. 2002;26:1063.  [PubMed: 12488762]

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