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The popularity of the previous editions of Appleton & Lange Review of Surgery has encouraged this revised fifth edition. The questions have been selected from the most current pertinent topics, facets, and principles of the wide range of general surgery and its specialities.

The main format of question presentation has been extensively revised to coincide with that recommended by the United States Medical License Examination (USMLE) guidelines. The material is presented in the form of clinical cases with appropriate answers to mirror the focus of the USMLE Step 2. Lange Q&A: Surgery, Fifth Edition, will also help equip and familiarize students preparing for the Surgery Miniboard Examinations. Surgical residents have found both the questions and the annotated answers useful in preparation for various inservice examinations leading to the qualifying and certifying exams of the American Board of Surgery and equivalent examinations in other parts of the world. Surgeons in practice and those preparing for recertification in their specialty have found this book to be a useful addendum to their armamentarium of surgical knowledge.

The types of questions have been arranged into two major groupings: one best answer out of five possible answers and the selection of one possible answers chosen from a given list of seven or more items. These question types are explained further in the introduction.

The questions are divided into 14 chapters including the practice test. The reader is encouraged to tackle each chapter in full before referring to the corresponding answer section. Each question should be completed in less than 1 minute. When correcting a chapter, the reader should review the answer and refer back to the question to consolidate knowledge gained during test preparation. Incorrect answers should be reviewed and attempted at a later date.

In many questions in the exam there is a lot of information in the stem of the question, much of it irrelevant. A number of our student consultants suggest that it is useful to look at the question and possible answers at the bottom of the question before reading the question through. This will assist you in deciding what information is pertinent. The examination developed by the USMLE contains 100 questions and the persons taking the test are given 2 hours to complete the exam. Many of our student consultants have indicated that they felt rushed with the examination. Another strategy is to answer the one best answer matching set of questions first. Such questions are usually placed at the end of the examination. These are generally done more quickly and usually help the test taker to complete the 100-question exam within the 2 hours of the allotted time.

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