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The fields of oncology, general surgery, and surgical oncology have merged and evolved into the new specialty of breast surgical oncology. The intention of this textbook is to endow practitioners who treat breast diseases with cutting-edge, evidence-based information along with the clinical nuances related to the field of breast surgical oncology in order to help set current and future global standards of best practice. Toward this end, Kuerer's Breast Surgical Oncology provides a comprehensive dissemination of the highest level of knowledge in breast surgical oncology, leading-edge advancements in the multidisciplinary care of patients, an all-inclusive assessment and celebration of the major accomplishments made thus far in the field, and focused descriptions of the next wave of molecular and clinical studies needed to move the field forward over the next several years.

The textbook has several unique features: (1) complete integration of the relevant pathology of the disease entity with clinical management; (2) an atlas on breast ultrasound imaging and biopsy techniques; (3) special chapters on the influence of the media and Internet on breast cancer care and the funding of breast cancer research; (4) a separate section on the landmark trials that have shaped the field; (5) a major section of the textbook devoted to operative management; and (6) throughout the text, details regarding currently open and accruing clinical trials and future critical questions that need to be answered to move our field forward.

I am personally indebted to the contributing authors and section editors of this first edition. They represent an incredible mix of the current thought leaders in breast cancer from around the nation and world and our next wave of the most creative clinical scholars who have already begun to make their impact in the field.

Finally, it is my desire that the Kuerer's Breast Surgical Oncology provides you with insight and fresh ideas in the interest of our patients and their families. A bright future is anticipated for generations of women when breast cancer no longer imparts a threat to well-being or life. May the future begin with this present moment.

Henry M. Kuerer, MD, PhD, FACS

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