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Generic NameTypical DosageTrade Name
Acetaminophen/codeine 30 mg30/300 mg 1–2 tabs PO q 4–6 hTylenol #3
Acetaminophen/codeine 60 mg60/300 mg 1–2 tabs PO q 4–6 hTylenol #4
Codeine sulfate30–60 mg PO tidCodeine
Fentanyl25, 50, 75, 100 mcg patch q 72 hDuragesic
Hydrocodone/acetaminophen5/325 mg, 5/500 mg, 7.5/750 mg PO q 4–6 hVicodin, Norco
Hydromorphone2–4 mg PO, 0.2–0.6 mg IVDilaudid
Ketorolac15–30 mg IV, 10 mg PO q 6 h (max 5 days)Toradol
Morphine10–30 mg PO, 30 mg SR q 8–12 hMS Contin
Oxycodone5 mg PO q 4–6 h, 10–40 mg CR q 12 hOxyContin, Percocet
Propoxyphene napsylate/acetaminophen100/650 mg PO q 4 hDarvocet-N
Tramadol50–100 mg PO q 4–6 h (max 400 mg/day)Ultram
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Generic NameTypical DosageTrade Name
Celecoxib400 mg PO bidCelebrex
Ibuprofen200–800 mg PO tidAdvil, Motrin
Sulindac150 mg PO qd (polyp prophylaxis)Clinoril
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Conscious Sedation
Generic NameTypical DosageTrade Name
Fentanyl25–50 mcg bolus titration to effectSublimaze
Meperidine25–50 mg bolus titration to effectDemerol
Midazolam1–2 mg bolus titration to effectVersed
Propofol2–2.5 mg/kg IV, or 40 mg q 10 secDiprivan
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Generic NameTypical DosageTrade Name
Flumazenil0.2 mg IV q 1 min (up to five times)Romazicon
Naloxone0.4–2 mg IV q 2–3 min (up to 10 mg)Narcan
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Generic NameTypical DosageTrade Name
Esomeprazole20–40 mg PO/IV qdNexium
Famotidine20–40 mg PO qd, 20 mg IV bidPepcid
Omeprazole20–40 mg PO/IV qdPrilosec
Pantoprazole40 mg PO/IV qdProtonix
Rabeprazole20 mg PO qdAcipHex
Ranitidine150 mg PO bid or 300 mg qHs, 50 mg IV tidZantac
Sucralfate1 g PO qidCarafate
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Generic NameTypical DosageTrade Name
Bismuth subsalicylate2 tabs or 30 mL (534 mg) PO up to 8 doses/dayPepto-Bismol, Kaopectate
Difenoxin + atropine2 tabs PO q 6 h (max 8 tabs)Motofen
Diphenoxylate/atropineUp to 2 × 2.5/0.025 mg qidLomotil
Glycopyrrolate1–2 mg PO bid–tidRobinul, Robinul forte
Kaolin-pectin60–120 mL PO q 3–4 hKaopectate
LoperamideUp to 8 × 1 tab (2 mg)Imodium
Tincture of opium5–20 drops qidTincture of opium
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Bile Acid Binder
Generic NameTypical DosageTrade Name
Cholestyramine4 g PO bid–qidQuestran
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Generic NameTypical DosageTrade Name
Dolasetron12.5 mg IVAnzemet
Droperidol0.625–2.5 mg ...

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