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When I was asked to serve as editor-in-chief of this historic textbook of surgery, my goal was to preserve its excellent reputation, honoring the commitment of Dr. Seymour Schwartz and previous co-editors and contributors who upheld the highest standard for seven prior editions. I would like to thank all who helped achieve this goal, namely the outstanding contributions by the individual chapter authors and the meticulous dedication of the editorial board, all of whom share a passion for patient care, teaching, and surgery.

It is this shared passion that has been channeled now into the creation of this new ninth edition; updating, improving, and finetuning it to secure its place as a leading international textbook of surgery. Each chapter has either been fastidiously updated or created anew by leaders in their respective surgical fields to ensure the highest quality of surgical teaching. Additionally, each chapter has been outfitted with quick-reference key points; highlighted evidenced-based references; and full-color illustrations, images, and information tables. Two new chapters have been added to this edition: Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Core Competencies and Ethics, Palliative Care, and Care at the End of Life.

One new component of this edition is the inclusion of a digital video disc of surgical videos. Many students already augment their more traditional classroom and practical education through the breadth of information available in the electronic realm, such as that available on This collection of operative and instructional videos, generously provided by chapter authors and editors, provides accurate visual instruction and technique to round out students' surgical training. It is the sincere hope of all who have contributed to this textbook that the knowledge of craft contained within will provide a solid foundation for the acquisition of skill, a haven for the continuation of education, and motivation for the pursuit of excellence.

I wish to thank all of those responsible for the publication of this new edition, including the newest member of the editorial board, Dr. Jeffrey Matthews, as well as those who fearlessly signed on as contributors to our newly established international editorial board to provide regional perspective and commentary. I extend many thanks and gratitude to Marsha Loeb, Christie Naglieri, and all at McGraw-Hill for their guidance and knowledge throughout this process. I wish to thank Katie Elsbury for her dedication to the organization and editing of this textbook. I would also like to thank our families, whose love and support continue to make this book possible.

F. Charles Brunicardi, MD, FACS

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