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  • Colon cancer screening, polyp management (c), colonoscopy (c)

  • Colon cancer (c), right hemi-colectomy (c)

  • Rectal cancer (c), low anterior resection (c), trans-anal resection (a)

  • Diverticulitis (c), sigmoidectomy (c), colostomy creation and closure (c)

  • Sigmoid volvulus (c)

  • Cecal volvulus (c), ileocecectomy (c)

  • Large bowel obstruction (c)

  • Lower GI bleed (c), total abdominal colectomy (c)

  • Anorectal abscess (c)

  • Anorectal fistulae (c)

  • Anal fissure (c), anal sphincterotomy (c)

  • Hemorrhoids (c), hemorrhoidectomy (c)

  • Anal cancer (c), abdominal perineal resection (a)

  • Perianal condyloma and STDs (c), perianal condyloma removal (c)

  • C. diff colitis (c)

  • Ischemic colitis (c)

  • Surgical management of ulcerative colitis (c)

  • Surgical management of Crohn’s disease (c)

  • Rectal prolapse (a), rectal prolapse repair (a)

  • Fecal incontinence (a)

  • Polyposis syndromes (a)


  • - Don’t forget to give patients a bowel prep with oral antibiotics prior to elective colorectal resections.

  • - The ASCRS is an excellent resource for management guidelines of various colorectal topics.

(c) = core topic (a) = advanced topic

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