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FIGURE 112-287

Intimal lesion (likely sustained at the time of procurement) of the proximal renal artery encompassing its trifurcation. The involved arterial segment is being transected at a site beyond the lesion.

FIGURE 112-288

This image shows the involved segment with the origin of the three arterial branches (red arrows).

FIGURE 112-289

View of the resected specimen (opened longitudinally) showing the intimal injury.

FIGURE 112-290

The 3 branches (red arrows) of the renal artery were reconstructed onto the aortic patch containing the ostium of the renal artery (black arrow), that was not involved by the intimal injury. Two of the three arteries were implanted onto the ostium (black arrow). The third artery was implanted onto an opening (pink arrow) made with an aortic hole puncher in the aortic patch. The blue arrow shows the renal vein.

FIGURE 112-291

View of the finalized arterial reconstruction, with all 3 branches in a common aortic patch. The black arrow points to the renal artery ostium used to reconstruct two branches, the pink arrow shows the site of implantation of the third branch, and the blue arrow signals the renal vein.

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