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For some years, Dr. Ernesto Pompeo Molmenti and I have dreamed of editing a book together on liver transplantation. Ernesto suggested including my surgeon son, Martin, on the project. Imagine my pride in editing this book with my friend and my surgeon son. We started the project that, at first, seemed quite simple and humble, but the enthusiasm of the collaborators who joined was a tremendous stimulus to do a more extensive and complete work. This book covers the most current topics of liver transplantation in a simple and practical format. I want to thank each of the authors for their clarity and excellence in developing each chapter. They are the best in the different disciplines addressed. Thank you for your time.

McGraw Hill and the entire staff of collaborators have shown excellence and professionalism, thus facilitating our task and that of our many authors. This book will serve as a guide to students, but also to residents, fellows, and senior physicians, who will use it frequently. It is easy to read, simple, and practical. This book has been, for me, a maximum source of pride as an author, and I share this honor with my friend, Ernesto Pompeo Molmenti, and my son, Martin de Santibañes.

Eduardo de Santibañes

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