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The Founding Co-Editors dedicate the Ninth Edition to our families; to our surgical and medical colleagues; to our former fellows, surgical residents, and medical students; and to fallen and wounded warriors.


To my wife, Grace F. Rozycki, MD, MBA, for her unwavering love and support.

To my sons, David Joseph Feliciano and Douglas Donald Feliciano, JD.

In memory of my parents, Vincent Feliciano, MD, and Anita Hessler Feliciano.

—David V. Feliciano, MD


To my wife, Camella June Mattox, whose love and support began even before medical school. To my daughter, Kimberly Renee Toth, and her husband, Dan Toth.

To my grandchildren, Charlie, Alex, and Kelsey.

In memory of my parents, Bill and Carrie Mattox.

—Kenneth L. Mattox, MD


To my wife, Sarah Van Duzer-Moore, MD, for her unconditional love and support.

To our sons, Hunter B. Moore, MD, PhD, and Peter K. Moore, MD, and daughters-in-law,

Brook Brenneman and Tiffany Tello, MD.

To our granddaughters, Estelle and Simone.

In memory of my parents, Ernest Moore, MD, and Sarah Moore.

—Ernest E. Moore, MD


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