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Chapter 8. Inflammation, Infection, & Antimicrobial Therapy in Surgery

Deescalation of antibiotics consists of:

A. Stopping antibiotics.

B. Narrowing the spectrum of antibiotic coverage based on cultures.

C. Adjusting antimicrobial dose based on renal function.

D. Changing antimicrobial therapy based on location of therapy in the hospital.

E. Adjusting antimicrobials based on hospital antibiogram.

The correct answer is B. Narrowing the spectrum of antibiotic coverage based on cultures

Established processes to prevent surgical site infection:

A. Do not include antibiotic timing and dosing as long as delivery occurs prior to skin closure.

B. Do not address the choice of antibiotic prophylaxis.

C. Requires the use of alcohol-containing skin preparation solutions.

D. Are similar in hospitals around the world.

E. Are currently well known, and best practices are no longer controversial.

The correct answer is C. Requires the use of alcohol-containing skin preparation solutions

The treatment of surgical site infection includes:

A. Opening the incision for superficial SSI.

B. Antibiotics in every case.

C. Debridement of necrotic tissues, if present.

D. Avoidance of wound cultures.

E. A and C.

The correct answer is E. A and C

All of the following are true about necrotizing skin and skin structure infections (NSSSIs), except:

A. NSSSI are generally self-limited and nonthreatening.

B. They can be caused by single or polymicrobial infections.

C. Small-vessel thrombosis occurs along the infection progression pathway.

D. Immunocompromised (eg, HIV, diabetes), IV drug abuse, and cancer patients are at a particularly higher risk of developing NSSSIs.

E. Grayish discoloration of the underlying skin and pain beyond the affected skin area are especially suggestive of deeper underlying tissue involvement.

The correct answer is A. NSSSIs are generally self-limited and non-threatening

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