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Chapter 60. Highlights and Pearls

The Holman- Miller sign is characteristic of which of the following?

A. Sinonasal papilloma

B. Juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma

C. Cystic fibrosis

D. Olfactory neuroblastoma

E. None of the above

What is the most common indication for postoperative radiation in patients with tonsil cancer?

A. T stage

B. Extracapsular extension

C. Differentiation

D. Positive margins

An absolute contraindication to cochlear implantation is

A. Mondini malformation

B. History of meningitis

C. Michel aplasia

D. Middle ear cholesteatoma

E. High jugular bulb

The artery of the second branchial arch becomes

A. Posterior inferior cerebellar artery

B. Stapedial artery

C. Superficial temporal vein

D. Superficial temporal artery

Which Syndrome has X-linked dominant inheritance and frequent glomerulonephritis?

A. Pendred

B. Goldenhar

C. Alport

D. Apert

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