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Chapter 54. Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

What is junction of bony and cartilaginous nasal dorsum?

A. Nasion

B. Radix

C. Rhinion

D. Subnasale

What is the ideal width to length ratio of the face?

A. 2:3

B. 4:5

C. 1:2

D. 3:4

Which of the following describes Fitzpatrick Class IV skin?

A. Brown, rarely burns, always tans

B. White to olive, sometimes burns, tans

C. White, usually burns, tans minimally

D. Dark brown, very rarely burns, tans profusely

The following are all methods to increase tip rotation except for

A. Augment premaxilla

B. Shorten medial crural footplate or medial crural overlay

C. Shorten lateral crura (lateral crural overlay)

D. Reduce caudal septum anteriorly

All of the following are major tip support except for?

A. Size, shape, and resilience of medial and lower lateral crura

B. Attachment of upper lateral cartilage to alar cartilage

C. Cartilaginous septal dorsum

D. Medial crural footplate attachment to caudal border of quadrangular cartilage

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