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Chapter 51. Embryology of Clefts and Pouches

The ultimobranchial body is responsible for cells that produce

A. Insulin

B. Parathyroid hormone

C. Thyrocalcitonin

D. Amylase

E. Thyroxine

What is the precursor to the nasal septum?

A. Medial nasal process

B. Lateral nasal process

C. Frontonasal process

D. Maxillary process

E. Ethmoturbinal

The anterior two-thirds of the tongue is derived from

A. Endoderm

B. Ectoderm

C. Mesoderm

D. Neural crest cells

E. Thyroid cells

Which nerve is associated with the fourth branchial arch?

A. Hypoglossal nerve

B. Facial nerve

C. Glossopharyngeal nerve

D. Superior laryngeal nerve

E. Trigeminal nerve

Cutaneous openings of branchial arch sinus tracts are always anterior to

A. Hyoid bone

B. Submandibular gland

C. Sternocleidomastoid muscle

D. Angle of the mandible

E. Recurrent laryngeal nerve

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