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Chapter 47. Radiation Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer

Patients found to have extracapsular extension following surgical resection should be treated with

A. Concurrent cisplatin

B. Concurrent cetuximab

C. Accelerated radiation alone

D. Observation

The dose of irradiation traditionally used for gross disease is

A. 50 Gy

B. 60 Gy

C. 70 Gy

D. 80 Gy

Radiation therapy is usually given in daily doses of

A. 1 Gy/d

B. 1.5 Gy/d

C. 2 Gy/d

D. 2.5 Gy/d

Which is true in general about larynx preservation?

A. Rates of larynx preservation are generally less than 50%.

B. Larynx preservation allows a substantial percentage of patients to preserve their larynx, however, this comes at the cost of inferior survival.

C. Induction chemotherapy followed by radiation offers the best chance of larynx preservation.

D. The rate of larynx preservation in patients with gross penetration through the thyroid cartilage is less than 50%.

Studies have demonstrated that surgery and postoperative radiation should be completed in what time period for optimal results?

A. 9 weeks

B. 11 weeks

C. 13 weeks

D. 15 weeks

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