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Chapter 42. Cutaneous Malignancies of the Head and Neck

The most sensitive modality for staging of Merkel cell carcinoma is:

A. Sentinel lymph node biopsy

B. Contrasted CT

C. Fused PET/CT


Which of the following cutaneous cancers are associated with the polyomavirus?

A. Squamous cell carcinoma

B. Basal cell carcinoma

C. Melanoma

D. Merkel cell carcinoma

Which of the following basal cell carcinomas is categorized as high risk?

A. Nodular

B. 8-mm BCC of the cheek

C. 3-mm auricular BCC

D. 12-mm BCC of the forehead

Which systemic therapy should be considered for immunosuppressed organ transplant patients with life-threatening, rapidly growing cSCC?

A. Checkpoint inhibitors

B. BRAF inhibitors

C. mTOR inhibitors

D. Tyrosine kinase inhibitors

Sentinel node biopsy is considered standard of care for which of the following NMSCs?

A. Bowen disease

B. Advanced squamous cell carcinoma

C. Advanced basal cell carcinoma

D. Merkel cell carcinoma

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