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Chapter 39. Cysts and Tumors of the Jaw

Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis to require no treatment?

A. Odontogenic keratocyst

B. Eruption cyst

C. Ameloblastoma

D. Osteomyelitis

E. Periapical cyst

Which of the following lesions is radiopaque?

A. Aneurysmal bone cyst

B. Odontogenic myxoma

C. Stafne bone cyst

D. Cementoblastoma

E. Nasopalatine duct cyst

Which of the following radiolucent lesions is classically associated with the crown of an unerupted third molar?

A. Lateral periodontal cyst

B. Calcifying odontogenic cyst

C. Dentigerous cyst

D. Ameloblastoma

E. Glandular odontogenic cyst

Which of the following lesions has epithelium consisting of columnar cells with reversed polarization, in a “piano key” appearance?

A. Cementoblastoma

B. Ossifying fibroma

C. Cemento-osseous dysplasia

D. Fibrous dysplasia

E. Ameloblastoma

The presence of a nonvital tooth is a requirement for the diagnosis of

A. Dentigerous cyst

B. Glandular odontogenic cyst

C. Calcifying odontogenic cyst

D. Periapical cyst

E. Lateral periodontal cyst

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