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Chapter 28. Acute Rhinosinusitis

What is considered first-line antibiotic therapy in acute bacterial sinusitis in a patient who can tolerate penicillins?

A. Clindamycin

B. Ciprofloxacin

C. Amoxicillin

D. Doxycycline

What bacterial species is not commonly found in ARS?

A. Haemophilus influenza

B. Streptococcus pneumonia

C. Moraxella catarrhalis

D. Staphylococcus Aureus

What is considered first-line therapy for ARS?

A. Antihistamines

B. Intranasal corticosteroids

C. Decongestants

D. Oral corticosteroids

What is not a presenting symptom of preseptal cellulitis?

A. Periorbital edema

B. Conjunctival injection

C. Restricted extraocular movements

D. Fever

What is the first step in diagnostic management in suspected intracranial complication of ARS?

A. Lumbar puncture



D. MR venogram

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