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Chapter 20. Cochlear Implants

Low pitches are detected in the

A. Cochlear apex

B. Reissner membrane

C. Outer hair cells

D. Cochlear base

E. Supporting cells

Temporal coding (timing) of information is limited to frequencies

A. Above 8000 Hz

B. Below 500 Hz

C. Beyond the range of audio ability

D. Ultra high frequencies

E. At uncomfortable levels

Cochlear implants are not appropriate for

A. Postlingual deafness

B. Ossified cochleas

C. Congenitally deformed cochleas

D. Prelingual deafness

E. Michel deformity

When low-frequency hearing is present, spectral information is best transmitted by

A. Telephone

B. Hearing Aid

C. Cochlear implant

D. Tactile aid

E. Middle ear implant

Essential components of a cochlear implant system are

A. Microphone

B. Processor

C. Electrode array

D. Transmission link

E. All of the above

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