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Chapter 19. Hearing Rehabilitation: Surgical and Nonsurgical

Which of the following parameters best predict successful use of hearing aids?

A. MCL and word recognition scores

B. MCL and UCL

C. SRT and UCL

D. Word recognition scores and dynamic range

E. SRT and MCL

Which of the following can be used for rehabilitation of single-sided deafness? Choose all that apply.

A. Conventional hearing aid



D. Osseointegrated bone conduction system (Ponto, Baha)

E. Piezoelectric implantable hearing device

All of the following are advantages of behind-the-ear (BTE) style hearing aids compared to other styles, except

A. Can accommodate directional microphones

B. Can allow larger venting, accommodates a wide range of hearing losses

C. Easy to manipulate controls, easy to incorporate switches and volume control

D. Preferred in children because only the earmold has to be replaced as the child grows

E. Invisible

All of the following statements regarding hearing amplification are true, except

A. OSPL-90 measures the output of a hearing aid when the input is low at a mere 10 dB.

B. The larger the dynamic range of an ear, the easier it is to fit a comfortable hearing aid.

C. Large venting improves hearing in noise but is contraindicated in ears with significant low-frequency hearing loss.

D. Methods for rehabilitation of single-sided deafness depend on transferring sound energy from the deaf ear to the contralateral healthy cochlea.

E. Patients with implantable hearing devices generally report increased sound fidelity (compared to their conventional hearing aids), reduced feedback problems, and no occlusion effect.

The following statements regarding ossiculoplasty are true, except

A. Postoperative hearing results are generally better with partial prostheses (PORP) than with total prostheses (TORP).

B. The middle ear provides an impedance matching mechanism between the air-filled external canal and the fluid-filled labyrinth.


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