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Chapter 15. Electrical Response Audiometry

The primary anatomic site along the brain stem that the Wave VI and VII peak in an ABR corresponds with is

A. Cochlear nucleus

B. Inferior colliculus

C. Superior olivary complex

D. Cochlea/VIII nerve (distal)

What is the primary clinical application the ECoG today?

A. Indicate integrity of the auditory nerve and/or brain stem lesions

B. Interoperative monitoring of VIII nerve vascular decompression

C. Evaluate for endolymphatic hydrops/ Méniére disease

D. All of the above

What responses are affected by sedation?

A. P300



D. None of the above

Cervical vestibular-evoked myogenic potentials are not affected by

A. Neck mobility

B. Superior canal dehiscence syndrome

C. Middle ear status

D. The degree of sensorineural hearing loss

Clinical applications for MLRs are

A. Evaluate the auditory pathway above the brain stem

B. Approximate frequency-specific auditory sensitivity up to the cortical level

C. Evaluate for age-related declines in central processing

D. All of the above

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