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Chapter 14. Audiology

Which of the following statements is true regarding the decibel?

A. It is a logarithmic expression of the ratio of two intensities.

B. It is nonlinear.

C. It is a relative measure.

D. It is expressed with different reference levels.

E. All of the above are true.

Otoacoustic emission types include all of the following except:





Normal conversational speech is typically in what range in dB SPL?

A. 30 to 40

B. 100 to 110

C. 60 to 70

D. 90 to 100

All of the following tests require voluntary patient responses except

A. Conditioned orienting response

B. Visual reinforcement audiometry

C. Auditory brain stem response

D. Conditioned play audiometry

The active, complex set of operations performed by the central nervous system on auditory inputs is termed

A. Auditory steady state

B. Central auditory processing

C. Auditory neuropathy

D. Pseudohypacusis

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