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Chapter 11. Head and Neck Manifestations of HIV

Which malignancy is associated with HIV infection and/or immunocompromised state?

A. Kaposi sarcoma

B. Primary CNS lymphoma

C. Plasmablastic lymphoma

D. All of the above

Which is the most common type of oral candidiasis?

A. Pseudomembranous

B. Atrophic

C. Erythematous

D. Hyperplastic

Which is generally not considered a treatment option for BLECs?


B. Serial needle aspiration

C. Sclerotherapy

D. Radiotherapy

E. Surgical excision

Which diagnosis does not require subsequent investigation into HIV status?

A. Oral histoplasmosis

B. Oral hairy leukoplakia

C. Necrotizing gingivostomatitis

D. Oral candidiasis

HIV can be transmitted through all of the following except

A. Blood

B. Semen

C. Saliva

D. Vaginal fluid

E. Breast milk

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