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Chapter 10. Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Of the drugs listed, which is the least to cause sensorineural hearing loss?

A. Tobramycin

B. Amikacin

C. Neomycin

D. Streptomycin

Which biologic agent targets the CD20 surface protein on B cells allowing for antibody-dependent cellular and complement-dependent cytotoxicity?

A. Cetuximab

B. Rituximab

C. Omalizumab

D. Mepolizumab

Which of the following is true regarding epinephrine?

A. Duration of action is less than 1 hour.

B. High doses above 290 mg can lead to increased risk of avascular necrosis.

C. Vasoconstriction is mediated by alpha-2 receptors.

D. Beta-2 agonism induces coronary vasoconstriction.

The wavelength spectrum of UVB is

A. 200 to 240 nm

B. 290 to 320 nm

C. 320 to 400 nm

D. 430 to 470 nm

Which best describes botulinum toxin?

A. The target of the drug is enzymatic cleavage of SNARE proteins along the postsynaptic membrane.

B. There are few clinical indications.

C. Reinnervation occurs through collateral growth.

D. Serotype B is the only serotype indicated for cosmetic use.

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