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Chapter 5. Surgical Hemostasis and Clotting Mechanisms

Why is a bleeding history more likely to reveal a bleeding disorder, than screening tests of coagulation?

A. The PT/PTT tests do not measure fibrinolytic bleeding.

B. The bleeding time often misses mild von Willebrand disease.

C. Antiplatelet drugs such as Plavix may not affect the PT/PTT or bleeding time.

D. A bleeding history is likely to uncover hemostatic stress such as dental extractions.

E. All of the above.

Which of the following are true statements regarding the differences or similarities between standard UFH and LMWH?

A. Both UFH and LMWH prolong the PTT.

B. Only LMWH requires monitoring using the PTT or anti-Xa.

C. Only LMWH requires dose adjustment in renal failure.

D. A weight-based nomogram for UFH avoids the need for PTT monitoring.

E. Only UFH is a polysaccharide with a specific binding site for AT-III.

Which of the following statements are true regarding typical HIT?

A. The platelet drop in HIT is less than 100,000.

B. The platelet drop in HIT is 50% or more from baseline.

C. The drop in platelets is typically 24 hours after heparin exposure.

D. The drop in platelets never occurs days after heparin is stopped.

E. HIT is more common with the use of LMWH.

Which of the following statements are true regarding DIC?

A. DIC is diagnosed by specific laboratory findings.

B. DIC is only a clinical diagnosis.

C. DIC can manifest clinically in overt and occult syndromes.

D. DIC is always treated by heparin therapy to stop thrombosis.

E. The D-dimer test is diagnostic of DIC.

A 35-year-old woman presents to emergency room (ER) with history of bruising easily over the past 1½ week. She also reports a large bruise over the right thigh associated with pain and difficulty in walking and also another bruise on her left forearm that was spontaneous. She did not have history of a fall ...

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