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It is a privilege and great pleasure for me to compliment two excellent editors for the 12th edition of K. J. Lee’s Essential Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery, Dr. Yvonne Chan and John Goddard.

The first edition of Essential Otolaryngology, published in 1973, was based predominantly on my own notes that had helped me through my Board examination. Because of the enthusiastic reception among practicing clinicians and the universal acceptance of this book among residents in the United States and abroad, I had found keeping this book current a most satisfying endeavor. Dr. Anthony Maniglia arranged for the 6th edition to be translated into Spanish by Drs. Blanco, Cabezas, Cobo, Duque, Reyes, and Santamaria. The 7th edition was translated into Portuguese by Drs. Rendón, Araiza, Pastrana, Enriquez, and González. The 8th edition was translated into Turkish by Professor Metin Onerci and Dr. Hakan Korkmaz and translated into Chinese by Professor Chen and her colleagues. A previous edition was also translated into Turkish by Professor Vecdet Kayhan, Doc. Dr. Tayfun Sunay, and Uz. Dr. Cetin Kaleli. It has also been translated into other languages without our knowledge.

Although the original material still forms a significant portion of the book, Dr. Chan and Dr. Goddard have assembled a broad panel of authorities in several subspecialties to present additional information that is considered the most current in their areas of expertise.

Neither a complete review of otolaryngology nor a comprehensive textbook on the subject, K. J. Lee’s Essential Otolaryngology, 12th edition, remains true to its original intent—to serve as a guide for Board preparation as well as a practical and concise reference text reflecting contemporary concepts in clinical otolaryngology. Senior medical students, residents, fellows, Board-eligible, Board-certified otolaryngologists, primary care physicians, and specialists in other fields will all find this edition to be an even more useful and indispensable resource.

I thank Dr. Chan and Dr. Goddard.


K. J. Lee

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