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Our interest in writing this book grew out of our common commitment to the OR being a "civilized" and respectful environment. We want it to be a place where learners can do so effectively, and where patients receive high quality care. In order for those things to happen, the OR needs to be a space of curiosity and questions and growth.

We also recognize that things in the OR typically occur at lightning speed, which can make it hard to have any concept of what is happening. And, of course, as a newbie to the OR, sometimes you just don't want to ask. Here's how we see the basic equation driving that behavior:

Completely foreign environment

+ Mystique of "surgical personalities" (they eat their young, right?)

+ Beehive-like activity in the OR


No WAY am I asking a question.

The reality is that no one expects you to show up in the OR on day one and know it all. And while we do hope that you'll ask questions to prevent you from making missteps, this book is also designed to help walk you through some common issues.

We can't change the nature of the work in the OR, and we're trying to change the culture of surgery for the good. What we can do right now is help manage the information flow to support you, the OR novice, and help alleviate your anxiety and normalize your experiences.

Welcome to our OR.

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