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This 10th edition of Schwartz's Principles of Surgery: ABSITE and Board Review marks a milestone of excellence in surgical education for the betterment of craft, quality of care, and the edification of surgical students and colleagues alike. With 842 questions spanning the 49 updated chapters of this edition, including two new chapters, Fundamental Principles of Leadership Training in Surgery and Global Surgery, this is the comprehensive companion text for reviewing and assessing the information compiled in the main book and for preparation for the American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination (ABSITE).

Contributors of the primary book have updated the questions for each chapter since the last edition in an effort to continue to provide a high level of review on the most up-to-date information and techniques currently taught and employed in the operating theater. We have maintained the proven format of providing the answer-bearing portion of the text immediately following the question and answer as an efficient method for reinforcement and recall. The user may read the question followed by the answer as a form of review, or by covering the right-hand column of the page, the user can complete the questions in a more authentic test format and uncover the answers for review/scoring.

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