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I'd like to acknowledge the following people who either directly or indirectly assisted in bringing this book to fruition: My former mentors at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (Drs Jess Young, Jeff Olin, John Bartholomew, and William Ruschhaupt) for their incredible teaching of the principles of Vascular Medicine; my co-editor Dr. Bhagwan Satiani—he is both a true scholar and friend; proof editor Sapna Rastogi as she somehow consistently managed to keep this project on time and accurately edited; my good friends and colleagues (Thompson, Baldwin, Vasquez, Olminator, Stanbro, and DTY) at Readership Central for their daily wisdom and unbelievable wit; the Series Editor, Dr. Bill Abraham—thanks for allowing me to complete this project and for your unyielding support!

Steven M. Dean

Thanks are due to my friend and hard-working co-editor Steven M. Dean, my faculty in the Division of Vascular Diseases and Surgery at Ohio State for contributing immensely to the atlas, to all the authors who submitted their excellent work on time and to the folks at McGraw-Hill and the very persistent Sapna Rastogi!

Bhagwan Satiani

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