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Vascular diseases involving the arterial, venous, and lymphatic systems are becoming increasingly common commensurate with the aging population. Inexplicably, the proper identification and therapy of these myriad disease states is unfortunately not typically included in the education of neither the medical student nor the resident. Thus, most practicing physicians are not prepared to accurately diagnose and manage affected patients.

Consequently, we have constructed the Color Atlas and Synopsis of Vascular Diseases to enable medical students, postgraduate physician trainees, and practicing clinicians to rapidly assimilate information on a wide variety of vascular-related topics. The book integrates the fields of vascular medicine, vascular surgery, and endovascular therapy in an "easy to learn" fashion. Ninety-six chapters are presented in a unique format of succinct, bulleted teaching points combined with multiple singular photographs of vascular pathology. When appropriate, vivid arteriographic and ultrasonographic images are included as well.

Since the text is clinically oriented, concise, and current, we feel that you will not only derive practical and useful knowledge, but also thoroughly enjoy perusing this compilation.

Steven M. Dean and Bhagwan Satiani

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