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  • • Results from antibiotic therapy or alteration in colonic flora

    • Diarrhea with or without gross mucosal abnormalities

    • Caused by Clostridium difficile toxins A and B

    • Also referred to as pseudomembranous colitis

    • Clindamycin, ampicillin, cephalosporins are common inciting antibiotics

    • May progress to toxic megacolon, perforation

    • Symptoms may develop up to 6 weeks following antibiotic treatment




  • • Transmitted in hospital or closed environments

    • Epidemics noted on surgical wards

    • Can be transmitted by health care personnel, making wearing gloves and washing hands essential

    • Infection can be especially severe in immunocompromised patients


Symptoms and Signs


  • • Watery, green diarrhea, sometimes bloody

    • Crampy abdominal pain, cramping

    • Vomiting

    • Fever

    • Complications including toxic megacolon or perforation may lead to peritoneal signs


Laboratory Findings


  • • Leukocytosis

    • Positive tests for C difficile cytotoxin

    • Positive stool culture


Imaging Findings


  • Endoscopy (sigmoidoscopy)

    • -Elevated plaques


      -Erythematous, edematous mucosa


    • -Leukocytes

      -Necrotic epithelium



  • • Malignancy

    • Stricture

    • Ischemic colitis

    • Diverticulitis


Rule Out


  • • Other causes of infectious colitis

    • -Amebic


      -Cytomegalovirus (in immunocompromised patients)


  • • Sigmoidoscopy/colonoscopy with or without biopsy

    • Stool culture, C difficile cytotoxin

    • WBC count

    • History of antibiotic therapy


When to Admit


  • • Dehydration

    • Worsening abdominal pain/distention


  • • Discontinue inciting antibiotic

    • Oral vancomycin for 7-10 days

    • Oral metronidazole for 7-14 days

    • Avoid antidiarrheal medications






  • • Failure of medical management with worsening clinical course/progression to toxic megacolon, peritonitis, perforation




  • • Oral vancomycin

    • Oral metronidazole


Treatment Monitoring


  • • Serial abdominal exams

    • Serial WBC count




  • • Sepsis

    • Colonic dilatation, perforation

    • Hypovolemia/shock




  • • Recurrence after treatment is 20%




  • • Proper hand washing and protective barrier (gown and gloves) with infected patients

    • Discontinue unnecessary antibiotics



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